How Hauser St. Moritz lives sustainability

We want to live up to our social responsibility. This gives us environmentally oriented and sustainable action. We take this permanent process into our everyday life and always strive to examine our actions in terms of ecological, economic and social sustainability and to set standards accordingly.

Hauser Garden is realized

Making the soil arable, keeping transport distances short and the high quality standards for vegetables and fruits are the drivers for our vision of the Hauser Garden. Since summer 2022, we have been serving vegetables and salad from our own garden in Samedan, 1721 meters above sea level, at Hauser St. Moritz.
The field in the mountains
Hauser Garden Team
We are

With the first certification by ibex fairstay, we were able to be awarded the Silver Label in 2018. We are proud that thanks to our efforts we have achieved the Platinum Label in the 2021 re-certification.
The Hauser St. Moritz, a Responsible Hotel of Switzerland

The hotel group Responsible Hotels of Switzerland unites Swiss hotel businesses with a social sustainability philosophy. So that you, our guests, can enjoy without deprivation and with a clear conscience.
The Hauser Terrace in St. Moritz is heated CO2 neutral

Our FAIA terrace stove is based on an innovative, sustainable combustion technology, which ensures the finest terrace fire without any smoke through circulation. It is fired with wood pellets. 
Hotel Hauser St. Moritz produces its own solar energy

71 panels on a total of 118 m2 of 300 Watt each produce a maximum of 23.4 KwH of energy.
Since October 2020 we produce our own solar energy. 
In order to give a platform to the numerous wonderful products from the Engadine and the entire canton of Graubünden, we have created the Etichetta Hauser. With the Etichetta Hauser we distinguish products and offers that meet our high standards of origin, quality, fairness and ecology.
Sustainability note
Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Zopf

Our new terrace is open!

It's done, our new terrace is opened. Eight earth probes were placed on 280m. Now we can reduce our heating oil demand to 16'000 lt. per year & make a big, further step into a cleaner, independent energy future. A new wall with the special structure of Robert Obrist was built & a new covering with new furniture was made.

We as a sustainable hotel

Hotel Hauser St. Moritz - Sustainability
The Hauser St. Moritz, the sustainable hotel
Geographical cultivation, production and processing, transport route, packaging, disposal are among the criteria that have an impact on the environment. We also take into account existing labels and quality seals.
Hotel Hauser St. Moritz - Sustainability - Flowers
Social factors
Criteria such as health and safety and the improvement of working conditions internally and externally are among the social factors that we take into account in our decisions.
Hotel Hauser St. Moritz - Engadine specialties
Engadine identity
The reference to the Engadine is central for us. We evaluate how important the reference of the end product is to the Engadine identity.
Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Take Away Offers - Fruit salad
Within the framework of an audit, we check the qualifications of Etichetta Hauser products once a year.

Sustainability is feasible: the rooms at Hauser St. Moritz

In our hotel rooms you sleep longer and healthier! The processed moon wood from native larch or Swiss stone pine is particularly valuable, because it is felled shortly before the new moon. The hard and robust moon wood carries the label GOD (Romansh for forest) in the Engadine, which stands for authenticity, sustainability and quality. A dream made of moon wood, sleep well!
Hotel Hauser St. Moritz - family room with native pine wood

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