Specialties from the Engadine

Engadine nut cake or Graubünden pear bread are probably the best-known specialties from the Engadine. These and many other sweet delicacies are available at Hauser Konditorei | Confiserie. The reason for this is the Hauser confectioner tradition, which goes back to 1892. In the meantime we have perfected the recipes and attach great importance to regional ingredients. Let yourself be enchanted by the scent and taste of Hauser products.

Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Pear Bread
Pear bread
Selected dried fruits and nuts carefully wrapped in thinly rolled yeast dough.
Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Engadine nut cake
Engadine nut cake
Local tree nuts, caramelized with sugar and refined with butter, wrapped in the finest shortbread.
Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Take Away Offer - Pastries
Braid and gipeli
Our bakers know how to turn yeast doughs gently and long resting into pastries with perfect crust and crumb.
Chocolate Relif
Chocolate bars, St. Moritz specialties; Hauser Confiserie surprises again and again with new chocolate products from sustainable cocoa cultivation.
Whether Rüeblitorte, cherry tart, fruit cake; either you taste the homemade patisserie with us in the restaurant or you take the whole cake home.
In addition to the classics milk and vanilla truffles, the numerous round chocolate dreams flavored with spices and liqueur delight gourmets from near and far.

Take Away

Soups, sandwiches, breads, sweet pastries, salads and whole menus. The take away offer at Hauser St. Moritz always has the right selection.
Hauser Confiserie St. Moritz - Take Away Offers - Sandwich

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